Enabling Telco to Techco Transformation

Powering next-generation services

Dimensions is a cloud-native platform designed to streamline order-to-cash for telecom companies, helping them effortlessly manage next-generation services.

B2B2X Marketplace
ICT & Digital services
IOT services
5G Fixed Wireless Access

Dimensions platform

Manage product configuration, pricing rules, partnerships and partner products all from a simple to use web interface.

Key features of Dimensions platform

Dimensions connects seamlessly with your existing technology stack, enabling you to offer flexible charging and packaging options

Multiple pricing models
  • Usage-based
  • Outcome-based
  • Flat fee, Volume & Tier
Zero touch partnering
  • Online partner on-boarding
  • Contract & product price configs
  • Revenue reconciliation
Seamless CX
  • Simple checkout
  • Range of payment options
  • Timely email & SMS reminders
Efficient Operations
  • Online interface for care
  • Auto-renewals & dunning
  • Real-time logs & reports

The core platform

Leverages the advantages of Cloud & SaaS

Disrupt the industry and bring more intuitive product offers without the hassle of time-consuming transformation projects.

Charging & Subscription


Leveraging a cloud-native, microservices-based architecture, our system ensures scalability, reliability, and seamless integration.

Product Catalogue


Dimensions leverages a robust CI/CD pipeline to consistently deliver the latest features and maintain a robust system.

Digitral SDP

No-code config

Intuitive, no-code interface, enables effortless configuration of pricing, entitlements and payment plans for quick adjustments and iterative improvements.

Seamless integration into IT networks

With in-built plug-ins and low-code tools, Dimensions integrates easily into your existing business and IT systems, resulting in enhanced capabilities for your business.

Provisioning Reconciliation

Provisioning & Reconciliation

Configurable JSON/XML body for provisioning

CDR configurator for data export



REST APIs for product order & subscriber profile

Plug-ins for popular CRMs


Payments & Accounting

Telco charging & payment gateway plug-ins

Export invoice data to accounting & ERP softwares

Unlock the power of Dimensions for your teams

Empower your teams with a no-code interface, real-time insights, and seamless integration, make complexity a thing of the past.


Empower your product managers with Dimensions’ no-code interface. Easily configure product prices, entitlements, and subscription plans. The real-time dashboard allows for quick updates and iterative adjustments to pricing and offers.


Streamline customer lifecycle management. Authorized agents can access subscriber data and transactions. The finance team benefits from auto generated invoices and tracking in one place.


Leverage online API resources and developer sandbox for seamless product integration. Configurable API simplifies partner collaboration. Effortlessly export data with configurable tools.


Empower your sales team with an intuitive online interface, streamlining offer searches and quotation generation. Centralized product configuration ensures consistency for a superior customer experience.

Dimensions for MVNEs

Explore how Dimensions helps MVNOs and MVNEs to easily manage their products & services.

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)

Dimensions in action

Platform you can trust

Dimensions is built for high performance and high reliability. Our systems are designed to meet highly demanding reliability, scalability and stringent security requirements of telecom companies and large enterprises.



ISO 27001



Monthly Subscriptions


TPS deployed


Dimensions brings your vision to life

Benefits of Dimensions platform

Monetize new-age services

Provide superior CX

Simplify operations

Efficiently manage partners

Manage offers with agility

Extend & not replace legacy systems