Enabling Telco to Techco Transformation

Products that plug-in next generation capabilities into telco's existing systems.

Transform Your Telco Infrastructure with Next-Generation Tech Solutions


Powering next-generation services

Dimensions is a cloud-native platform designed to streamline order-to-cash workflow for telecom companies. AI powered billing module ensures revenue is maximised by reducing billing failures.


AI assisted automation

AI Copilot to author test cases for mobile apps and test on physical and virtual devices - all without writing a single line of code.

selfcare products

Digital Enablement Framework (DEF) for Telco & Techco

Enhance digital touchpoints with intuitive and personalized journeys powered by AI-enhanced Digital Enablement Framework.


The all-in-one communication and collaboration tool for telco sales teams

With STEM, telco sales team get access to actionable sales, business and market information at their finger-tips